I’m showing off my shitty videogames at a bar.

I’m exhibiting my conceptual artgames at a local gallery space.

Louie asked if anyone wanted to show anything for WIP, I said I had some shitty twines, and now I’m in WIP. I found out yesterday because he forget to follow up and I straight up forgot, and it says “some twines” not, “shitty twines” on the poster. but still.

the reality is I’ll go to the bar, set up my laptop, a couple people might play the twines, some of them might even enjoy bus adventure or latte (really those are the only “good” ones). and I’ll have a few wednesday night drinks. but still.

but it’s kinda… well… an exhibition. it’s art. in a public venue. where people can see it. that’s an exhibition.

I haven’t exhibited since 2013.

but lately, I’ve been getting into art again. and music thanks to my metamour. I want to show artgames at SK, and the weird graphics calculator music at chiptune academy. hell I’d even play at the tote residency if the opportunity happened. I spent years in the art scene and I kinda want to again. my partner says I should get back into creativity for my mental health and I think she’s right.

trash. art. videogames.