first post

I guess I have a blog here now, so I’m going to talk about the art I put on this site that I don’t know that I should.

I guess the most pertinent repository here is scoutquinn/poetry. it’s exactly vhat it says - poetry. like years and years of it, including some pretty heavy recent stuff. I might end up writing some commentary here, or not, like I said - pretty heavy, it’s all pretty heavy.

@kivikakk sent me a PDF of Atlas Shrugged the other night. I read some of it and… it was so bad that I thought they had sent me a Markov chain generated novel that used Rand’s text as its corpus. it was… real. like omg, it was so bad that I thought it was a Markov chain so… now it is: scoutquinn/markov-shrugged

the last public one (so far) is this shitty bitcoin joke: scoutquinn/bitlorean. it lives here. basically it scrapes bitcoin power consumption from the digiconomist index, calculates the total power consumption in GW, then divides by 1.21 to determine how many trips Back to the Future that would power. I… forget why I made this.

there’s an ongoing one too, which I won’t reveal anything about (yet…) other that the title of the work: vaporwave-usb. y’all are gonna love that.