hi, my name is Scout Quinn, and I’m a software developer with a fine arts degree. I currently work for @thoughtworks💭 as a consultant (scout.quinn@thoughtworks.com📧) and I’m a sport fencer. I’m also genderqueer and/or non-binary and/or agender… I really don’t know precisely where I fit outide the gender binary other than “outside it” I’m agender, my pronouns are they/them🌈. I founded a sibling group to PyLadies called PyEnbies in late 2017. We met monthly… ish… in Melbourne, Australia and we have a Slack, because of course we do. swing me an email at pyenbies@dfdt.me📧 if you want to know more about that.

I’ve previously worked at @codeforaustralia🇦🇺 and @ACMIlabs🎥. at ACMI I worked on the museum operating system concept building microservices, and at Code for Australia I worked on a team with the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission building proofs of concept for potential digital solutions to tackle barriers to reperting racism in victoria. prior to working in software development I was a science communicator and worked as a STEM ambassador for the University of Tasmania teaching engineering with LEGO robots. I’ve primarily worked in python, ruby and javascript, and have done some work with arduino and C on microcontrollers.

I’ve spoken at conferences, predominantly on impostor syndrome and contempt culture, which I also yell about frequently on social media, because they’re important issues to be aware of in our industry. like super important. we need to be doing a lot more about both. also they’re probably linked. that’s my thesis anyway. not my thesis from art school. that’s a weird work of new media art I wrote in processing. I also make tiny weird eletronic instruments and know my way around circuit design.

in terms of my art🎨 I write a lot of concrete poetry🖋 (and do slams) and make conceptual artgames. it’s all on github for some reason. maybe because I’m interested in the intersection of code and art… or maybe because it was convenient one time and now I’m just committed to the idea. I also make strange noise music/chiptune🎧 on graphics calculators and home made electronic instruments. forget 8-bit gameboy synths, that’s a 1-bit synth coming out of a TI-84. I’m into the idea that there are things we can do with code and software as a tool for creating art, because technology is a paintbrush. I heard that at a sales meeting.

M-x paintbrush

You can check out my code at @scoutquinn💻 and my artgames at https://calculush.gq🎮 and the weird music I make on graphics calculators is on soundcloud as razor_lined🎧. my noise musician friend Uboa🎧 described it as “chipnoise” - an intersection of chiptune and noise music, which is… accurate.

I advise against following my twitter🐦 or reading my blog📖, but you should check out my CV📄 or hit me up on keybase🔑.